shelley massa gooch . RYT
registered yoga teacher
Once a year I am blessed to study with my teachers. This year I will be in Budapest June 24-July 10! All classes are on hold EXCEPT 5:45am Los Osos Fitness, Carolyn will be subbing for me!


   5:15-6:30pm   NO CLASS JUNE 25, JULY 2 & 9
       $15 body therapy center, los osos

  12-4pm  NO CLASS JUNE 26, JULY 3 & 10
       1141 Pacific, Suite C, San Luis Obispo

   6-7:15am  NO CLASS JUNE 27, JULY 4
      SHADOW YOGA BASICS series: prelude forms; levels 1&2
       series price or $20 drop-in
       body therapy center/los osos

  6:30-7:45pm   NO CLASS JUNE 27, JULY 5
         $14  yoga shala/san luis obispo

    5:45-6:45am CAROLYN SUBBING JUNE 28 & JULY 5

HATHA YOGA SHADOW STYLE all levels welcome

  members free . non-members $10 drop-in
         los osos fitness, los osos

  8:45-10am  NO CLASS JUNE 28, JULY 5 
yoga shala, san luis obispo
5:15-6:30pm   NO CLASS JUNE 28, JULY 5 

        SHADOW YOGA BASICS series:prelude forms; levels 1&2
        Shadow Yoga students are welcome to drop-in $20
         Pacific Oaks Yoga, 2280 Sunset Dr., Los Oso
  8:15-9:45am  NO CLASS JUNE 24, JULY 1 & 8 
$15  body therapy center/los osos

class descriptions
SHADOW YOGA BASICS: the prelude forms - levels 1-2
This series is for anyone who has attended an Introduction to Shadow class or the Shadow Yoga Prep class. Students will learn one of the three prelude forms and the beginning forward bends and seats. Shadow yoga is taught in a series format, each class builds on the previous class leaving the student with a solid foundation in Shadow Yoga. Keep in mind that it can take five to seven years to become proficient in one of the prelude forms of Shadow Yoga. Beginners welcome.

SHADOW YOGA PREP: an introduction to Shadow Yoga This 2 hour class will introduce the cornerstones of the Shadow Yoga practice. This is the first step for students who are interested in learning Shadow Yoga. Students who attend this class will be qualified to join any of our Shadow Yoga Basics classes offered at the Yoga Shala. No yoga experience necessary. Beginners Welcome. 

This class focuses on moving the body gently and mindfully. A deeply relaxing series that begins with a blend of short gentle flowing sequences and concludes with restorative floor postures.
Perfect for Beginners as well as more experienced students.
This class will support students with the fundamentals of alignment and breathing and introduce a variety of sequenses (flow) that focus on leg strength, coordination and grace. Good for beginners with 3+ months of experience.

RESTORATIVE YOGA "relax & release"
This class is designed to calm the body and mind. The pace of the class allows for discovery of how the body works and instruction will be given on different breathing techniques. The class concludes with restorative poses. Good for beginners and individuals working with injuries or anyone looking for a relaxing yoga practice.

Open to all levels of students.

Each class will have a focus or theme that will explore the fundamentals of the yoga practice. We will cover standing, sitting, forward bending, backward bending, twisting and balancing postures. Emphasis on breathing and stilling the mind will be given. Some yoga experience recommended. Beginners welcome.

Open to all levels of students. 6 months yoga experience recommended.

Series classes are like an ongoing workshop. Each class builds on the previous class and the student is left with a set of skills they can utilize in their own yoga practice and lives. 

class locations & prices
Private Sessions with Shelley
  $85 - 1 Person          $90 - 2 People
  $30/per person - 4 People+ (in studio)

Yoga Shala SLO
print schedule
  2074 Parker Street . San Luis Obispo  .  805.556.0413
  Drop-ins $14 Hatha Yoga
  Drop-ins $20 Shadow Yoga
  Hatha Yoga class cards: 5x $70  & 10x $140 
  Shadow Yoga class cards: 5x $95  &  10x $190

San Luis Obispo Studio/Tree House Yoga Studio
  1141 Pacific, Suite C (upstairs) . San Luis Obispo
  Corporate Yoga, Private and Small Group Privates
  Call for details and prices  805.441.4003

Body Therapy Center

  2005 9th Street, Suite A . Los Osos
  Drop-ins $15 or 10 pass card $150 

Los Osos Fitness
  1078 Los Osos Valley Rd . Los Osos . 805 528 1190
  Drop-ins $10 or 10 pass card $100 - see Shelley

Pacific Oaks Yoga
  2280 Sunset Drive, Los Osos
  Shadow Yoga Basics and Private sessions
  Prices vary - call for details - 805 441 4003

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